GMC Acadia Might Face Termination

The GMC Acadia is one of many vehicles that GM produces on the Lambda platform, but it seems that the Acadia might be facing extermination.

The GMC Acadia, along with the Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Traverse, is produced on GM’s Lambda platform and the automaker has stated that they want to keep product overlap to a minimum for its Buick and GMC dealers. So, with that in mind, the Acadia appears to be in some serious trouble.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the GMC Acadia has faced termination. The big SUV found itself in some hot water when the entire GMC line went under strategic review during GM’s bankruptcy hearings. The company managed to survive, the same of which can’t be said for Pontiac and Saturn. Following this entanglement, the Acadia was given another lease on life, but it might not be a long one.

The next-generation of Lambda-based models will be here in 2014 and the Acadia might not be on the list. That being said, don’t think that GM will minimize Lambda based vehicles, as a third-SUV will be made, just with a Cadillac badge instead of a GMC one.

The Buick Enclave has been experiencing strong sales, which has given it a higher ranking in the GM order than the Acadia. Reports are indicating that the Enclave production facility in Lansing Delta Township, Michigan, has increased its capacity to meet this demand.

GMInsideNews also points out the fact that GMC has a few new vehicles in the production pipeline.

The GMC Acadia was launched back in 2006 as a 2007 model year vehicle. It has sold fairly well in the United States market, just not well enough to compete with its siblings.

There are those that are going to be truly disappointed by this announcement, but GM still offers numerous vehicles for people who have larger families.


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