GM, Daimler, Nissan, BMW Close Plants In Egypt

The political unrest in Egypt has caused four automakers to temporarily close down their assembly plants.

Due to the turmoil that has befallen Egypt, General Motors, Nissan, Daimler and BMW have shut down their plants in the North African country until the situation dies down. None of the four has given any indication as to when production will resume.

"All of our employees in Egypt as well as our plant property is safe and secure,” GM said following a query from "Our local team in Cairo is assessing the situation and will decide to commence normal operations once the conditions permit. We are currently not building vehicles."

Daimler and BMW are going to pitch in and help employees return to Europe if they so choose. Two of the automakers expressed their desire to resume work later this week, but following more violence in the area, both have extended their shutdowns.

"We decided to close our assembly plant in Egypt due to the unstable political situation," Mitsuru Yonekawa, a Nissan spokesman, told Bloomberg. It also evacuated four of its employees.

On a related note, Volkswagen has stopped delivering cars to Egypt because the German automaker was worried that the vehicles would not reach their target dealerships.

With the violent police forces pulled from the streets just a few days ago, the Egyptian army is the only thing left holding back the protestors. Before this event took place, Egypt was a vital production area for several automakers.

In 2009, around 100,000 vehicles were produced in the country and most were for customers in the Middle East and North Africa.


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