Ginetta Releases Images Of New G55

There’s a new supercar coming to town from Ginetta and it comes in with quite the resume from the Ginetta GT Supercup.

The old G50 was a dominate force in the British Touring Car Championship, which is what the GT Supercar basically is. Yet, Ginetta aren’t resting on their old models, they are bringing out the new G55 and it looks better than ever.

Under the hood of the new G55 will be Ford’s 3.7-liter motor with 370 horsepower, around 50 more than you got with the G50. Other technological toys include a cool air induction kit, up-rated front and rear brakes, new exhaust system and a Hewland transmission.

If one happens to own a G50 then it can be upgraded to the G55 for just £25,000, but buying it outright will cost £75,000. Certainly not cheap, but it should drive like a dream.

The first G55 will be shown at the Autosport International on January 13 in Birmingham, England.

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