Geneva Motor Show: Mitsubishi Unveils Global Small Concept

At the Geneva Motor Show, Mitsubishi has unveiled the new Global Small Concept, which might be the next-generation Colt and it could come to the United States.

The Mitsubishi Colt is in its seventh-generation and long overdue for a replacement and it seems the automaker it ready to give it one, as they unveiled the Global Small Concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

Obviously, with a name like that, the vehicle isn’t going to be large, or they would have called it the Global Somewhat Large Concept. The first word in the name indicates that this machine will be sold around the world, which shouldn't be hard to do considering how small it is. In total, this new Mitsubishi is just 147 inches long and 66 inches wide, meaning it should fit easily into any garage.

Despite this small size, the Global Small Concept is “highly efficient in its overall packaging, Mitsubishi Motors' e-compact combines the virtues of a small vehicle (maneuverability) and excellent visibility whilst sitting 5 adults in comfort and accommodating sufficient luggage space within a retrained footprint: one of the most space efficient in the B-Segment.”

Under the tiny hood will be either a 1.0- or a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine with start/stop technology and regenerative braking. Considering the way most Japanese automakers are going with their small cars, it’s a little surprising that the Global Small Concept isn’t electric. Nevertheless, the automaker will likely take some of what it learned with the i-MiEV project and incorporate it to this model.

“Through weight saving measures, all-new petrol 1.0 and 1.2 liter MIVEC powertrains, the application of MMC's green technology solutions (Auto Stop and Go, Brake energy regenerative system,, etc,...) and fine-tuned aerodynamics as exemplified in the sloping roof line, Mitsubishi's e-compact can boast sensible level of fuel consumption and therefore emissions well in line with market trends.”

The United States has not seen the Colt in nearly 20 years, but with rising fuel prices comes small cars, so Mitsubishi is considering bringing this tiny compact to America.


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