Formula One's Sebastian Vettel Criticizes New Pirelli Tires

Defending world champion Sebastian Vettel has come out and stated that the new Pirelli tires are less than stellar with the season set to begin in just a few weeks in Australia.

Red Bulls Racing's Sebastian Vettel has slammed the new Pirelli tires that are set to be used on Formula One cars this season, which is slated to being later this month with the Australian Grand Prix.

Last year's Formula One world champion, Sebastian Vettel, was the youngest driver to ever win the world drivers' championship and will look to defend that title in Australia on March 27, after the opening race in Bahrain was canceled to due political unrest.

Yet, Bahrain isn't the only area feeling some unrest, as Sebastian Vettel himself is a bit uneasy following some test runs on the new Pirelli tires, which seem to lose grip a bit too fast.

Pirelli took over from Bridgestone as the official tire supplier to Formula One and so far, the young German is not impressed by what the tire manufacturer has to offer.

"The problem is the tyres wear down too fast," Vettel told German television channel ServusTV.

"They are only good for 16 or 17 laps, then they start to break up and are ruined, then the driver doesn't have a chance.

"The feeling when driving is different and that is a pity for us."

Because Pirelli supplies tyres to all the teams, the problem is not easy to solve, says Vettel.

"For a team, it would not be a problem, but for the whole field it will take a while to get used to the tyres," he said.

"For now, it's too late. We will be racing again in just a few weeks."

Sebastian Vettel has estimated that these new tires could cost drivers up to ten seconds per lap during a race, something that might hamper the excitement on the track; something that Formula One doesn't need at this point in time.

Bad tires or not, the Formula One season will begin in just a matter of weeks.

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