Ford Promotes New 40 MPG Vehicles

In today's world, horsepower numbers are fantastic to look at, but not so practical, hence the reason why Ford is getting excited for their four 40-mpg vehicles.

At this point in time, if you crave the Blue Oval and great mileage you have plenty to choose from. You have the Fiesta SE with SFE package, Fusion Hybrid and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Yet, soon, a fourth member will be joining the party, the 2012 Focus. The new Focus will use a 2.0-liter, direct-injection engine and six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that Ford claims will allow it get 40 mpg.

The fuel efficient models will only grow as Ford finishes up their EcoBoost four-cylinder motors in the Edge and Explorer, but the competition isn't too far behind. Hyundai and Kia are growing their fuel efficient range, as is GM.

It seems that the horsepower power battle has been replaced by the gas mileage battle.

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