Ford GT To Be A 600 Horsepower Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles are becoming a part of everyday life and one is just going to have to accept that fact. This becomes more evident by a recent report that indicates Ford is considering a hybrid version of the GT supercar.

The Hybrid Ford GT rumors are, for better or worse, growing by the day. Auto Express has just added more beef to the rumor stew by reporting that the new Ford GT will pack a supercharged V8 with an electric motor running along side. Drivers of the sports car will be able to get more power out of the car by pressing a button that will engage the electric motors, sort of like a boost button, just more environmentally friendly.

One thing that is baffling in Auto Express’s report is the fact that they believe the supercharged engine will only power the rear-wheels, while the electric motor will only power the fronts, resulting in a somewhat all-wheel drive Ford GT.

So, with two motors sending power to all four wheels, albeit in an odd way, the world is left with an all-wheel drive Ford GT Hybrid. As neat as an AWD GT sounds, it does go against the GT’s heritage and it’s hard to imagine Ford throwing that history away for a hybrid all-wheel drive GT.

The report puts the Ford GT’s power at around 600 horses, meaning it would do battle with the Ferrari 458 Italia and the McLaren MP4-12C. That being said, if the GT were launched now, it would compete with those, but Ford’s sports car isn’t suppose to arrive, if at all, for two to three years. By that time, who knows what Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini will be up too.

As great as this report sounds, chances are it’s just a rumor and shouldn’t be taken to seriously.

[Auto Express]

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