Ford Climbs, Honda Sinks In Total Value Index For 2010

The good people over at Strategic Vision released their annual Total Value Index for 2010.

Strategic Vision has released its Total Value Index for 2010 and needless to say, there are some shockers on it. German automaker Volkswagen is at the top of the standings and that includes Audi. The company had seven models as segment leaders. This latest news should help boost sales and carry the company upward to their 2018 goal of world takeover.

While it’s not particularly surprising that VW came out on top, what is a shocker is Ford’s new standing. In fact, the American automaker beat out Honda, something it hasn't done in quite some time.

"Ford Motor Corporation's ranking ahead of American Honda Motor is quite an accomplishment, especially considering that just eight years ago they ranked last among all corporations. Ford Fusion ranked first among the popular mid-size cars, and Ford also had class leaders with Lincoln MKT, Flex, F150 and F250/350." Chaney continued, "It's certainly not that other manufacturers have completely fallen, it's that the bar is being raised with the buyer ultimately winning."

Hyundai also had some good news come their way, as the Sonata forced the testing company to create a new category, called the "Special Total Value Award”. The sedan had the highest score in history for any vehicle make, model and type.

While champagne flowed in the Hyundai, VW and Ford camps, those over at Honda, Toyota, Nissan, GM and Chrysler were eating Spam off paper plates. Strategic Vision stated that, although each automaker is creating decent products, they must take notice and respond to where customers want to go.

Strategic Vision combines information from 442 data points in order to rank these vehicles. An automaker’s score is created by averaging the verdicts for all its products and the True Value Index is produced by surveying owners who bought a new car in 2010.

Individual Vehicle Awards

Small Car

Honda Civic Hybrid 814

Honda Civic Coupe 812

Small Multi-Function

Volkswagen Golf 790

Mid-Size Car

Ford Fusion 802

Mid-Size Multi-Function

Subaru Outback 760

Large Car

Volkswagen CC 806

Near-Luxury Car

Hyundai Genesis 852

Luxury Multi-Function

Lincoln MKT 815

Luxury Car

Audi A8 821

Specialty Coupe

MINI Cooper Hatchback 817

Premium Coupe

Audi TT Coupe 816

Mid Specialty

Honda Accord Coupe 781


Saturn Sky 817
Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible 814

Premium Convertible/Roadster

Audi A5 Cabriolet 820


Volkswagen Routan 748
Honda Odyssey 746

Entry Utility

Hyundai Tucson 800

Mid-Size Crossover Utility

Ford Flex 786

Mid-Size Traditional Utility

Toyota 4Runner 762

Large Utility

GMC Yukon 747

Near-Luxury Utility

Mercedes-Benz GLK v

Luxury Utility

Audi Q7 798

Standard Pickup

Honda Ridgeline 732

Full-Size Pickup

Dodge Ram 1500 767
Ford F-150 766

Heavy Duty Pickup

Ford F-250/350 698

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