Ferrari To Unveil 458 Italia HELE At Geneva Motor Show

Ferrari will unveil the new 458 Italia HELE, at the Geneva Motor Show. The new 458 will employ a multitude of new features to reduce emissions.

Ferrari’s newest super machine, the 458 Italia has been in the news quite a bit in its life, which is still in its infancy. The headlines have been a mixed bag of positive and negative, but now, Ferrari is making headlines in a different, green sort of way.

Ferrari has long been known as a performance automaker and for good reason. One look at the company’s long and successful history reveals just how incredible their products have been. That’s not likely to change anytime soon, but with new regulations in place, Ferrari is going to have to swallow its pride and go a bit green.

The Italian automaker is expected to reveal a special 458 Italia with a High Emotion Low Emissions system at the Geneva Motor Show, according to Carscoop.

The system, which is new to the 458, has been used on other Ferrari models in the past, including the California. The system consists of an automatic start/stop for the engine, as well as more intelligent engine fan and fuel pump control. The system will also control the deployment of electric-power aids, such as air conditioning and power steering.

The Ferrari 458 Italia will also get a new transmission that will be capable of adjusting itself to the driver’s style of driving. When all is said and done, this new Ferrari 458 HELE will see a 23 percent drop in emissions.

Ferrari is keeping most of the details a secret at this point in time, but considering the fact that the Geneva Motor Show is tomorrow, one won’t have to wait long to get the juicy details on this new environmentally friendly monster.

Ferrari will also show the FF at the motor show, which is slated to be one of the most useable supercars on the road.


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