F1 Driver Heikki Kovalainen Was Unconscious After Race Crash

Formula One driver Heikki Kovalainen was unconscious on Sunday after a crash at the Race of Champions event in Germany.

"Hardcore shunt with throttle jammed and rear suspension damaged, got knocked out, now some medical checkups," the Finnish driver wrote on Twitter after the crash in an Audi R8 in Dusseldorf.

"Head's a bit sore, (I) was unconscious for 30 seconds," revealed Kovalainen, a former Race of Champions winner.

Kovalainen’s girlfriend, Catherine Hyde, was in the passengers seat, but was unhurt in the crash. On a plus side of things, the pair had already won the race.

"Catherine is sore and her back is painful, got to look after her now," 29-year-old Kovalainen, who went to a local hospital for checks, added.

When the Finnish driver arrives back in Switzerland, he will undergo more medical checks, he said on his Twitter.

Kovalainen raced for McLaren back in 2008 with Lewis Hamilton and managed to get a win, becoming the 100th driver to win a Formula One race. He was replaced by Jenson Button for the 2010 season and went to drive for Lotus. His best finish was twelfth this season.

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