Dealers Charging Over MSRP For Chevrolet Volt

Despite stern warnings from General Motors, dealers are raising the price of the Chevrolet Volt beyond that of the MSRP.

If there is one thing in this world that has a friendly smile but a heart of ice, it’s car dealerships. On the outside, they might appear to be all well and good, with giant blow up animals, a nice sales staff and all of the things one would expect. Yet, dig down deeper and sometimes looks can be deceiving.

It seems that, no matter how hard Chevrolet tried, they couldn’t stop dealers from jacking up the price on the new Volt sedan. GM warned against this sort of behavior, but like a stubborn child, the dealers brushed them off and went on their marry way.

The Chevrolet Volt retails for $41,000, but Ward’s Auto found a dealership in Florida that was selling the electric sedan for $65,590. At that price, a Mercedes-Benz E-Class is in pay and it's pretty clear and which is the better machine.

The media heard about these sky-high markups last year and it turns out there is little that Chevrolet can do about the situation.

"We’re messaging dealers to not mark it up north of the MSRP,” Tony DiSalle said during an event to mark the start of production at the Volt’s battery pack assembly plant outside Detroit in July. “There isn’t a mechanism to prevent that from happening.”

Motor Trend magazine did some research of their own and found Volts in Michigan selling for $46,923, in California for $47,700 and in North Carolina for $49,000. While that certainly isn’t as bad as the dealer in Florida, that few extra thousand can turn potential buyers away at the door.

In this situation, it’s best to just keep shopping until one finds a dealer that is willing to respect Chevrolet’s orders. The Volt is a great car, but it’s certainly not worth paying $65,000 for. Even the government $7,500 tax rebate won’t help much in this situation.

If buying outright isn’t an option, the Chevrolet Volt can be leased for $350 per month with $2,500 due at signing.

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