Daimler To Give Out Bonuses To Celebrate Anniversary

Daimler is celebrating its 125th anniversary and to celebrate, the automaker is going to give 260,000 employees a little something special.

The German automaker will shell out $170 million to those 260,000 employees around the world, in order to properly celebrate the anniversary of their first patent. Talk about a nice gift from one of the world’s largest automobile companies.

In order to get this nice payday, employees must have worked for the company for over a year, which certainly isn’t a long time considering the amount of time other companies make people work.

Payout should be around $659 each, which is enough for a month’s rent, a new television or something a little special. There have been other reports that have indicated those people could get around $1,360 due to the current exchange rates. Either way, for a company to give out money to employees to celebrate an anniversary is a very kind gesture and one that most companies wouldn’t dare do.

On top of that bonus, Daimler employees might get up to $4,315 in bonuses for such a strong year in 2010, so those workers might be to put a down payment on a new Mercedes.

Carl Benz, who created the world’s first vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine, which was patented in 1886, founded the company. His name was dropped from the company’s name in 1998 when the company acquired the Chrysler group, something that worked as well as hitting a baseball with a golf club. Luckily, the name still remains in the Mercedes-Benz line.

Daimler is currently the world’s thirteenth-largest automaker in the world and the second-largest truck manufacturer. Currently, Daimler produces Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Smart, Freightliner, Thomas Built Buses and many other vehicle brands.

It’s a good day to work for the German automaker, Daimler, and now we just have to wonder how long it will be before Bob King calls for something similar.

[Detroit Auto News]

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