Chrysler Planning Revamp Of Jeep Liberty By 2012

Following numerous all-new vehicles, Chrysler is planning an overhaul of the Jeep Liberty by 2012, as well as the Dodge Nitro.

The boys at Chrysler have been rather busy of late, trying to resurrect their torn down image. The automaker has launched the new Dodge Durango and Charger, the new Chrysler 300 and 200 and finally, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. That’s quite the plate full for any automaker, let alone one that was at the bottom of the pile a few months ago.

While one side of the company was working on creating all-new vehicles, the other was busy with refreshing other vehicles in the lineup. One vehicle that has gone without a refresh for some time now is the Jeep Liberty, but according to a report from Kicking Tires, that might change for 2012.

Kicking Tires is sourcing a Securities and Exchange Commission filing submitted by Chrysler that states a new Jeep Liberty will be made next year. At this point in time, one can’t be sure if Chrysler is planning a massive or just a minimal overhaul. The former would be preferred, as the Liberty is an SUV that would be best served in 1979.

Not to mention the fact that the Jeep Liberty is often an entry-level Jeep for customers and most get their first taste of the brand through it’s cheap plastic covered interior. It’s hard to imagine anybody wanting to go further into the Jeep line after spending minutes in a Liberty.

The Jeep Liberty’s butch twin is the Dodge Nitro and, needless to say, that vehicle is need of a refresh as well. Let’s fact it, the Nitro was in need of an overhaul the day it came out, so Chrysler is a bit behind on this one.

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne mentioned during the Detroit Auto Show that the Nitro “needs to be replaced”, stating that the SUV is “the most significant hole in our product portfolio.”

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