Chrysler To Launch S-Line For 200 and 300

Riding the wave of new hope, Chrysler will launch a new S sub-brand this spring.

In the spring, Chrysler will be launching a new S sub-brand, an idea they contemplated last year with the launch of the 300 S6 and S8 models. With new redesigns comes new hope and Chrysler is going to give it another go.

The new S-line is Chrysler’s attempt to get the younger generation excited about their products, something that obviously failed with the previous S-versions. The automaker's average customer age is 62, which rivals Buick for retiree car of the year. If the automaker is going to solve this issue, they’re going to need more than just the 200, 300 and a minivan.

“There are two paths: the traditional Chrysler path and the S path,” Tim Kuniskis, head of Chrysler brand product marketing, said at a recent event. “There’s a huge customer base for chrome and wood. There are also people who want something a little edgy.”

The S-line will be like Chrysler’s own in-house tuning division, only without the tuning. Where as the traditional Chrysler vehicle will come with wood and a nice conservative look, the S-line will feature things like chrome, blacked out grilles, red leather interiors and carbon fiber trim. While this might not be enough to get the youth market excited, it’s a start.

The S-line will be used on the 200 first and then spread over to the 300 by the end of the year. The S-line will be offered on all vehicle trim levels and will be capable of turning even the dullest 200 into a looker. The company is still debating whether to use the S bits on the Town & Country minivan.

While the S-line is a good start, without any performance upgrades it’s hard to see young people caring about some blacked-out lights on a sedan. Not to mention the fact that to get any kind of performance, one is going to have to get the top of the line 5.7-liter 300, which younger people can’t afford.

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