Chevrolet's Next Small-Truck To Debut In 2014

Chevrolet's next small truck should be here around 2014, two years after production of the Colorado and GMC Canyon end and it will be produced in Thailand.

Small trucks once dominated the United States, but those times have come and gone. Or have they? Toyota still produces a very respectable compact truck and now, Chevrolet might go head-to-head with Toyota with a new small truck offering.

Previously, Chevrolet’s attempt at creating a small truck was disastrous. The Chevrolet Colorado and its sibling the GMC Canyon were failed attempts at the small truck, but GM is not going to give up that easily. A recent report by PickupTrucks stated that GM has plans to produce its next-generation truck in Thailand, where it currently sells quite well, and then export it to the United States market.

This new truck isn’t expected to reach the United States until 2014, two years after the production run of the Colorado and Canyon end. That means U.S. buyers will be without a GM small truck for a long two years.

The new truck will be built on the new GMI 700 body-on-frame global small truck platform. That being said, it remains unclear what will power the new truck or what sort of styling to expect, as well as how GM plans to redesign the truck for the United States market.

The 2011 Asian-spec truck will be shown at the 2011 Thailand International Motor Expo later this year.

Previously, Chevrolet had produced the S10 small pickup, which sold well in comparison to its replacement. The S10’s production life in the United States ran from 19842 to 2004

In other small truck news, Ford’s new Ranger, codenamed the T6, will start production later this year for other markets. This will leave the F-150 as the only truck option for Ford lovers.

Small truck buyers, if there are any out there, it seems for now, the Toyota Tacoma and the Nissan Frontier are the only options.


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We can only hope GM comes up with an air-hybrid, a hydraulic-hybrid or at least a nat-gas option.
If it is not built by americans in the USA there is no reason to own it. We want american made cars that are designed and fully built here. I have a 2011 chevy truck for that reason. Because it keeps my fellow americans working for an american company.
I totally agree! Designed and manufactured by US workers!
The "built in Thailand" small Chevy pickup had better be a hurry-up effort to get it marketed and then bring the entire project to America asap! If not, it goes the way of the Vega ! There's just something about seeing MADE IN AMERICA that gives me chill bumps.
Why can’t we have the same selection that Europe seems to have, I don’t get it.
No Ford Ranger? I have owned 4 over the last 35 years. Chevy small trucks didn't do anything for me. The CEO who allowed this should be whipped during super bowl for half time entertainment. They thought by getting rid of small trucks we (average working Joe's would Buy a Full size truck. #30,000 plus Wrong). They will pay by sales steadily going down. I even saw a New truck at $46,000 you have to be joking me. unless you are a Lawyer or doctor its beyond me and I make 6 figure. I am going to buy a Toyota Tacoma. I like small trucks to go to the Dump and move my bicycles around and an occasional Home depot run and ride to work with Good MPG's. My Ranger always had 2.0 owned one/ 2.3 owned three and one with 3.0 motor which I trade for 2.3. Business go to the smartest company. When Chevy/Ford ask for Tax payer Money again in the near future. Let them go belly-up. You don’t see Tuckers/Studebaker or Nash Ramblers (AMC) around and were fine still. Somebody else will succeed where ours fail.