BMW To Unveil Vision ConnectedDrive At Geneva Motor Show

BMW has unveiled a new two-seat roadster that will be shown at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. This new machine is suppose to be BMW’s new styling language and driver information system that will find its way into the production line in the future.

At the Geneva Motor Show, BMW will unveil its new Vision ConnectedDrive, and it will feature numerous and technologically advanced features, such as new headlights, body surfacing, a shark-nose grille and a next-generation driver information display. This new display might even be three-dimensional, as the German automaker is really stepping up their game.

“There are certain features which have been chosen because they reflect the look you’ll see on new models already in the pipeline,” said a source involved in the development of the new concept to Autocar. “And you won’t have to wait too long before they become reality.”

Like Suzuki with their “Swift S-Concept”, BMW is remaining very quiet about the new Vision ConnectedDrive. The specifics of this new car, such as the engine or suspension, have yet to be discussed, leaving it as a talking point at the Geneva Motor Show.

This show, which is getting closer by the day, will give BMW a chance to display their new technology for both current and future models, as well as new methods of mobile networking.

BMW stated that this new Vision ConnectedDrive would be an integral part of the networking world. The automaker has paid close attention to various items, such as driver comfort, safety and the infotainment center. BMW has stated that the driver and passenger have different requirements and this new vehicle will cater to them at the same time. Hard to make out what that all means, but it sounds like BMW has tailed the Vision ConnectedDrive to fit the passenger and driver and connect them to some auto network, perhaps even the web.

BMW has not said what will power the Vision ConnectedDrive, but chances are it will be a hybrid or something with batteries. The Geneva Motor Show kicks off on March 1, 2011 and more information is sure to pour out about this new machine.

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