BMW To Introduce Four-Cylinder Engines Into Lineup

It seems the winds of change are sweeping over Germany, as BMW is considering four-cylinder engines for most of their product lineup.

Years ago, a motoring journalist would be ridiculed beyond comprehension for mentioning the words four-cylinder and BMW in the same sentence. Then again, journalists are condemned for many various things, but that’s beside the point.

Despite their history, the changing environment, or whatever the government believes in, has caused BMW to rethink their engine choices. According to comments made by BMW’s U.S. president, Jim O’Donnell, from the floor of the Washington Auto Show, the company is seriously considering the four banger option, according to Motor Authority.

O’Donnell confirmed at the auto show that BMW would not bring just one four-cylinder to America, but a multitude of them before the end of 2011. While he never stated the specific models, TorqueNews reported a while back that the Z4 might be in line for a four-cylinder engine. Now, it’s not hard to pick out which models would follow in the sports coupe’s footsteps, as the 1-Series and 3-Series seem to fit the bill, due to their low weight, small size and entry-level status. The X1 is also a possibility, if it ever makes to America.

It wouldn’t be a shock to see a turbocharged, or even a twin-turbocharged four-pot in the X3 in a few years. There is even a chance, albeit a slim one, that the 5-Series could feature a four-cylinder, but that’s seems unlikely at this time, but one never knows. If the 7-Series can feature a six-cylinder, why shouldn’t the 5-Series get a four?

BMW and four-cylinders go together like Chrysler and fuel-efficiency, but it seems that statement might be about to change. Automakers are unable to build what they please anymore, as new emission and fuel-economy standards are taking over the automotive world and BMW is just one of the automakers that needs to join in order to succeed.

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