BMW Creates M Performance Exhaust For M3

BMW has created an M Performance exhaust system for their M3 sedan, coupe and convertible that has garnered a very high price tag.

BMW is attempting to appeal to those that love to customize their vehicles with a new performance exhaust line for the M3 coupe, sedan and convertible. Although most custom car lovers do their deed on Honda Civics and other various Japanese imports, there are some, with quite a bit of money that are willing to work on their German M3.

This new M3 Performance exhaust system was created with lightweight, head resistant Inconel, and when one combines it with the 4.0-liter V8 in the M3, the results are stunning. Put the pedal to the floor and the M3’s high-revving engine belts out a more powerful sound that is sure to turn a few heads, without being fart can loud.

The BMW M Performance exhaust system is 20 pounds lighter than the normal exhaust setup and it’s made up of perforated inner pips and polished titanium tips with the BMW M logo. This system should also help the BMW M3 put more of its power on the road, as it was designed to reduce backpressure.

Now, being BMW and considering they are German, this new exhaust setup won’t be cheap. There used to be a day, and perhaps there still is, that BMW would charge customers for the air inside the car, the floor mats and even the steering wheel, so one would imagine that this new exhaust system will command a high price. In fact, a high price isn't even the start, as this new system is around $4,374, not including installation.

Seriously BMW? The M3 Performance Exhaust system sounds fantastic and will make any model sound brilliant, but there are numerous exhaust setups that will do the same thing for thousands less.

With this insanely high price tag, it seems unlikely that BMW will be able to shift many of these units, but don’t worry, BMW has made a ring tone for those that won’t be able to afford this new system.

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