BMW To Bring Miata-Fighter To Geneva Motor Show

The Internet, usually a place of shopping and games, is a buzz with rumors surrounding BMW and that they might have a sub-Z4 coming to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

As odd as all this sounds at first, one has to remember that this is BMW and they were the company that brought the world the X6 and decided to slap an M badge on it for no apparent reason. BMW doesn’t have to explain themselves in any situation, let alone one that might yield stunning results.

According to The Age, the concept vehicle in Geneva might be our first look at BMW’s planned sub-Z4 that could go head-to-head with the Mazda MX-5 and the Nissan 370Z, not to mention the Volkswagen Group, which consists of Audi, might be working on their own set of convertibles.

BMW is suppose to make an announcement confirming that a sub-Z4 drop top will be the automaker’s big display at the Geneva show this year.

Of course, as of now, BMW is saying this concept will not be put into production, but elements from the convertible will be used in future products. While the German automaker will likely stick to their guns on this, it’s hard to bet against such a vehicle being made, especially if VW and Mercedes decide to follow in BMW’s footsteps.

The Age is reporting that the sub-Z4 will have some outrageous design elements, such as retractable doors that were once seen on the Z1. The other features might include overlapping exterior panels, a large scoop on one side of the hood, rear power bulges and an exterior lighting system that can change color.

At this stage, one can never be sure what engine will be placed in this machine and details are likely to be slim for some time. It might be a hybrid motor that only powers the front wheels, or it could be a more conventional setup.

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show is only a few weeks away.

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