Bentley Continental SuperSports To Debut In Geneva?

The 2011 Bentley Continental GT might be joined by a Supersports model at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

When Bentley first created the luxurious and oh so gorgeous Continental GT, who knew that years later it would spawn its own family of sports coupes, such as the GTC Convertible and the Flying Spur sedan, all of course were available in standard, Speed and Supersports engine levels.

On top of all those special edition Bentley Continentals, there were other factory-sanctioned coachbuilt variants, such as the Zagato’s GTZ and Touring’s Flying Star. Talk about a big family for the rich people.

So, with a new Bentley Continental arriving, what’s next in the family pipeline? Due to the fact that the 2011 Continental GT is all-new, there is no limit to the creative possibilities. The W12 model will soon be joined by a less powerful, but more fuel-efficient V8 version, which might even be offered with one, or even two turbochargers.

Chances are these two, or three depending on how one looks at it, models will be joined by a Supersports version with more power and less luxury, which is great for the speed freaks among us, but not so good for the aristocracy.

The new Bentley Continental GT Supersports is slated to be more aggressive than ever before, with a stripped out interior and flex-fuel capabilities. These touches will be joined by a new aero-package with spoilers and vents, which should go hand in hand with a thrilling engine.

There is word on the street that the Continental Supersports could be limited to just 100 units and Bentley might unveil it at the Geneva Motor Show as a surprising show stopper.

Tradition states that Bentley follow up the new GT with a convertible and a sedan version, but it seems they just couldn’t wait to jump into the high performance arena and take some of the spotlight from Lamborghini and their new Aventador.


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