Bahrain Grand Prix Still In Doubt Following State Of Emergency

Following a state of emergency announcement in the country, Formula One is seriously doubting the return of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Following political unrest in the region, Formula One decided it would be best to pull out of Bahrain and reschedule the opening race of the 2011 season. Yet, that might not be the end of the drama for the grand prix.

The postponed Bahrain Grand Prix might be dropped completely following a three-month state of emergency was declared. This might crush the hopes of many who enjoy watching Formula One in the sandy desert.

The season opening race was yanked from its original March 13 slot after unrest in the nation, but many had hoped that it would return later in the year if things managed to settle down. Yet, this new announcement might put a damper into those plans, according to the BBC.

"The [FIA] world council tried to govern everybody's expectations last week, which is why the 1 May deadline was imposed," an FIA spokesman said. "The deadline was made in a clear and relaxed way and in light of what has occurred in Bahrain. There were many people involved in making that decision and for now the council will respect the deadline. There is an obligation to that. But clearly the situation is fluid. We're adapting to information day by day, because of what is now happening we will react when it is the right moment."

Formula One was about to embark on its longest season ever, with 20 races in the books. Now, only 19 will be run with the final race of the season taking place on November 27 in Brazil.

The opening race of the season, which will now take place in Australia, was moved when the crown prince of Bahrain called off the race so that the country could focus on “national interests”.

Many had thought the race could be run in August, when Formula One goes on a three-week break, but the temperatures in the region could reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

There have been suggestions of moving the race to the end of the season, reworking the races in Brazil and Abu Dhabi, but nothing official has been announced.

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