Audi Releases Sketches Of A3 Sedan

Today, Audi has released a few sketches of the new A3 sedan concept that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Audi has been busy in the art room, as they have just released a few sketches of the A3 concept that is heading to the Geneva Motor Show.

This version of the A3 isn’t the normal hatchback that we’re all used to seeing though, as the A3 that Audi has drawn features four-doors. It seems the German automaker is going to bring a sedan version of the A3 to the market, or at least to the Geneva Motor Show.

Audi describes the A3 sedan concept as a “four-seater notchback sedan”. It is around 174-inches long, making it about six inches longer than the five-door model. The front fascia is classically Audi, but a tad more aggressive than we’re used to seeing from the company. The headlights feature numerous LED bulbs that flank a trapezoidal grille.

The cabin of the Audi A3 sedan is very low slung and it features an arching roofline that ends in a very thin C-pillar. This gives the vehicle a four-door coupe look, similar to the much larger Audi A7.

Under the hood of this drawing will be a five-cylinder turbocharged engine that was likely taken out of the Audi TT-RS when it wasn’t looking. This engine develops 408 horsepower and will send power to all four wheels, thanks to Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive system. The motor will be connected to a seven-speed S tronic transmission.

The Audi A3 sedan will arrive at the Geneva Motor Show in a matter of weeks, hopefully as an actual vehicle, and when it does, TorqueNews will have a full report. If Audi does decide to create this sedan, it will give them a leg up on BMW and Mercedes, both of which lack of small sedan to compete with this new and quite sleek Audi A3 sedan concept.


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