Alfa Romeo 4C To Be Sold In US

It seems that the gods of performance are smiling on the United States, as Alfa Romeo is seriously considering bringing the 4C to our shores and if we're good, an Abarth version might follow.

Now that Lotus has decided to play with the big boys, something had to take their place in the entry-level performance area. Enter the Alfa Romeo 4C, which was shown at the Geneva Motor Show last week.

Now, Alfa Romeo vehicles are not currently offered in the United States, so when the 4C Concept was shown its proportions amazed us, only to be reminded that it will likely spend its production life in Europe. Now, it seems that feeling of loathing might not be necessary; as Alfa CEO Harald Wester stated that the new 4C could spearhead the automaker’s return to the U.S.

Of course, Alfa Romeo said the same thing about the new 8C Competizione, but only 84 coupes and 35 roadsters were sold and there were no additional Alfa products on our shores when it was all said and done. Perhaps the 4C could pick up where the 8C left off?

If this is the case, the 4C could be sold in Fiat dealers along side the new 500, unlike the 8C, which was sold along side the Maserati lineup.

As if the 4C in the United States wasn’t good enough, an Abarth version might follow, which is good news for those performance-oriented drivers that find the typical sports car less than thrilling. At this point, it is unknown whether the Abarth model will be a tuned version of the 4C, similar to the 500 line, or if the roadster will be an Abarth-specific model.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is a lightweight sports machine that is somewhat similar to the current Lotus Elise. In total, the 4C tips the scales at just 1,800 pounds, so the weight of the person behind the wheel might actually change the vehicle’s handling dynamics. The engine, which will power the back wheels, will be placed in the rear of the vehicle.

In Europe, the Alfa Romeo 4C will cost 45,000 euros, or $62,000, according to Automotive News.

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