2012 Nissan GT-R Unveiled During Los Angeles Auto Show

Welcome to the second act of one of the most important machines in recent memory, the Nissan GT-R. This 2012 version will pack more power and it will be able to run rings around the old version.

The new GT-R packs 530 horsepower and 488 pound-feet of torque, meaning it should be able to hit 60 miles per hour in under three seconds. That’s right, less than three seconds for this super Nissan. In order to get this sensational power, Nissan had to upgrade the turbochargers and add a larger inlet and exhaust pipes.

The exterior has received a few changes as well, including an enlarged front fascia and grille openings with LED running lights. These upgrades aren’t just for show, they are there to allow more air into the engine.

Around back, the GT-R will get a redesigned rear end that will lower the car’s center of gravity. All GT-R models will get Rays wheels, red-trimmed Recaro seats and a carbon interior.

The 2012 Nissan GT-R should cost around $89,950 and $95,100 for the Premium and Black Editions, making this car the bargain of the century.

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