2011 Jeep Compass To Get Price Increase

There is a rumor swirling around that the new redesigned 2011 Jeep Compass will get a large price increase that might place it far ahead of the Patriot.

The usually well-informed Allpar.com are reporting that the new Compass will start at $19,995 with front-wheel drive and $21,695 with all four wheels getting power. Compare that to the 2010 model that started at $15,365 and things become a tad confusing. Part of the reason for the this price jump is the fact that the 2011 Compass will be Trail Rated for the first time.

It will most likely use the same off-road stuff as the Patriot, such as Freedom Drive II with a CVT and dedicated low-range gearing. The Compass might also take a page out of the Grand Cherokee’s playbook, as it might get repositioned rebound springs and a ride height increase of one inch.

From the spy shots that we’ve seen so far, it does appear that the 2011 Compass will be a better vehicle and possibly worth that price increase.

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