2012 Audi A6
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Audi’s attractive 2012 A6 wins two more awards

The Audi A6 has long been a car with mass appeal. However, the rounded, melted corners of the early years stayed around too long and the car became a bit stodgy.

Model year 2011 was the year the minor changes became a bit more pronounced and the car really became a looker. Like the Lexus GS and LS, the Audi made the front more aggressive and sharpened up the corners and lower body areas. That Audi did this and still made the A6 instantly recognizable makes the story even better.

This week Audi won the US International Design Excellence Award (IDEA). This is the 23rd year the IDEA award has been presented. Unlike most automotive awards which draw the votes from industry insiders, the IDEA award jury is made up of senior people from universities, business, and the design community. Audi was very pleased with this award in particular because it was an international recognition of its design. Audi Head of Design Wolfgang Egger said in a press release “The award demonstrates that our design idiom is also understood and goes down well in the United States. To us, our brand claim ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ means that it is extremely important to perfectly match technology and design.”

This is not the first award for the Audi A6, or even the first one in the past month. The 2011 EyesOn Design award was presented to Audi for the A6 at the Detroit Auto Show. Just this month, the Audi A6 picked up a Red Dot award on July 2nd. The Red Dot award is a benchmark for quality. Rounding out the month, the Audi A6 was picked by respondents in the J.D. Power Appeal Study as the top of the Mid-Sized Premium car lineup. In that study the Audi A6 topped the BMW 5 and Mercedes E class, its two top German car rivals.

Audi continues to collect awards for the handsome A6. With the A7 in dealerships as well, Audi is moving ahead of the competition in the premium sedan market.

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