Sexist suggests that women can’t buy a car without a man’s help [Video]’s latest commercial posits that women are too meek to walk into a car dealership without feeling intimidated.

The popular automotive pricing and information website is in hot water over a new thirty second ad that seems to suggest that women are too intimidated to walk into a car dealership without a man by their side.

Based on the commercial, seems to think that female car buyers — unlike men— must educate themselves on in order for them to be taken seriously at the dealership. "TrueCar makes it a lot easier to go in by yourself," notes one of the women. Another adds: “I don’t need to bring a dude with me.”

So just how did these hapless women fare at car buying before TrueCar? According to the commercial, not very well. “I talk big right. And at the dealership, I was trying to hold my own and it’s kind of tough,” says one women.

Aside from being overtly sexist, TrueCar seems to be totally unaware of the fact the female car buyers are doing just fine by themselves, according to recent statistics. In fact, women purchase 60 percent of the new cars in the United States, and 53 percent of the used ones. Furthermore, the recent book Influence: How Women's Soaring Economic Power Will Transform Our World for the Better, shows that women influence 85 percent of all car purchases.

So how do women feel about TrueCar’s new spot? In order to find out, simply take a look at TrueCar’s Facebook page to witness the outrage.

“Well garsh, how on earth did I manage to buy a car last year without your site? I mean I did it all by my little self with research and knowing how to stand my ground. Without a man. AND without your website. But I your website run by men? Because than that whole "without a dude" thing would be a blatant lie. Way to kill your reputation in one fell swoop,” wrote one women.

Another added: “Your commercial makes my blood boil. 'I don't need to bring a dude with me.' Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! How incredibly asinine and sexist.”

In the wake of the fierce backlash, TrueCar responded with the following statement:

"We apologize if our ad came across the wrong way. Transparency is a core part of our business and we aim to improve the car buying experience for everyone by helping consumers make an informed buying decision."

What do you think? Do you have a problem with TrueCar’s commercial or is it an effective piece of advertising?

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