BMW ActiveE and Coda electric sedan

2012 REFUEL electric car and motorcycle race bigger and badder than ever

In what may be the biggest yet assemblage of high powered electric vehicles, the 2012 REFUEL races, in its fourth year, is turning into a powerhouse of an informal electric racing event.

The event is organized by Speed Ventures, a racing instruction company. They run track days all the time giving amateur racers a chance for track time, and expert racing instruction. Four years ago they started the REFUEL series, recognizing the growth of electric cars and the plausibility that electric cars would become mainstream, even in racing. Today, they have a rapidly growing event on their hands, that more than doubled over the 2011 attendance, due largely to the ever-increasing number of production electric vehicles from major manufacturers.

During the practice round before the time trial, there was a full grid of approximately 30 electric cars racing together. Every weekend there are gas car races with this many cars, but rarely, if ever, has there ever been this many electric cars together on a track in any sort of race.


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