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Ford’s V6 pickup sales continue to boom led by EcoBoost

Since being introduced earlier this year, the EcoBoost V6 option for the 2011 Ford F150 has gradually grown in popularity and with the help of the entry-level 3.7L V6, Ford’s six cylinder engines have combined to outsell the V8 engines for the third month in a row.

Ford trucks – and all American trucks for that matter – have seen their sales dominated by V8 engines for the past few decades (Ford didn’t even offer a V6 engine two years ago) but the improvement in engine technology has allowed Ford’s modern V6 mills to make as much power as some competitors V8 options while also offering better fuel economy. Ford’s EcoBoost technology has taken the market by storm and over the past few months, the popularity of the twin turbocharged V6 has grown and in July 2011, Ford sold 49,104 F Series pickups and a whopping 40% of them were powered by the EcoBoost. When you add in the fact that 16% of new F150 buyers opted for the base model 3.7L V6 (Duratec 37) – Ford’s V6 engine options accounted for a remarkable 56% of their sales.

Not only did the EcoBoost and Duratec 37 lead the Ford truck sales but these Ford V6s accounted for an incredible 80% of V6 trucks sales during the month of July. Based on Ford’s numbers, they sold roughly 27,499 V6 powered pickups and if that accounts for 80% of the total V6 truck segment, that means that Chevrolet, GMC, Ram and Toyota combined for just 6,875 units. It should be pointed out that Ford is the only company to offer a premium V6 and a base model V6 while the other 4 brands only offer the V6 as an entry level engine but this should help to show just how popular Ford’s EcoBoost V6 is in their bestselling F150 pickup.

Ford put a ton of work into the EcoBoost V6 to ensure that it could do everything that a comparably powered V8 truck could do and while some old school truck buyers might question a V6 premium engine option – the American truck buyer hasn’t questioned it one bit as it has become one of the most popular half ton truck engine options in the US market.

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