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DC Shoes: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Four packs pure awesomeness

Ken Block and DC Shoes essentially created the sport of gymkhana and since that first online video, Ken has kept fans on the edge of their seats as they eagerly waited for the newest look at his high speed drifting skills – which arrived today as DC Shoes: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Four has hit YouTube.

DC Shoes: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Four includes the subtitle The Hollywood Megamercial and as the video begins, the credits use parodies from the likes of movies including Mortal Kombat, Aliens, Back to the Future, Top Gun, Terminator 2, the Sopranos, Zombieland, Star Wars, Tron, The Fantastic Four to give a quick preview of what to expect from the next nine minutes (including plugs for a couple new Ken Block/DC Shoes/Monster Racing items).

Once the commercial portion of the Ken Block Gymkhana Four video is done, the good times roll – and slide. Ken starts in his new Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle Ford Fiesta racer that will serve as his car for a variety of motorsports over the next year, providing a great example of the sound of his 650 horsepower EcoBoost’d Fiesta. By the way…make sure that you have your sound cranked up nice and loud.
The next 7 or so minutes are packed full of a multitude of camera angles, slow motion and special effects as Ken Block and his Gymkhana Four Ford Fiesta roar through a variety of Universal Studios set scenes including Jaws and Psycho as he drifts, spins and soars through the tight course with a heavy dose of smokey donuts. There is also a gorilla on a flying segway and a gorilla on a ladder – which Ken Block runs through with his new Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle Ford Fiesta. Even the guys from Epic Meal Time make a cameo, which only goes to further show the star-making capabilities of the intrawebz. The video even closes with a celebration of Ken Block’s greatness with a little Slum Dog Millionaire flavor as the Epic Meal guys push him away in a golf cart.

So, maybe Ken Block’s Gymkhana Four doesn’t make a world of sense but what it does is provide nine minutes and sixteen seconds of pure gymkhana awesomeness featuring the man who made the sport famous. Words can only do so much so without further a-do, click out the video below of the new Gymkhana Four.

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that video is sickle-berry! knocking that ladder out from under dude was too much! ke ep it up guys.