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You will be surprised what happens when asking a Tesla owner for their keys on your wedding day

David Chebotarev from Seattle reports on what happened when he asked for a Tesla for his upcoming wedding day from Tesla Model S owners.

As a young professional in the SAAS world you come across a lot of surprises much of which are pleasant and some not so much. When stepping out of the office into the real world and diving right into the the deep end of wedding planning a pleasant surprise is evermore glamorous.

My fiance and I are now in the last 3 month stretch before the big day! So many people said “Believe me, you’ll forget something in the craziness” and “Wait till it get gets closer you will be running around trying to get things together” Young and naive I simply disregarded all the warnings thinking everything is under control. Yet every week that got closer it seems like the details that need to get addressed are doubling, tripling and multiplying faster than a Tesla Model S P85D from 0-60. Every week we add on tasks. So much so that renting our dream car was exactly that.

A Dream

Then the Tesla community gathered and rallied around one facebook post. As my final grasp to make this dream a reality I posted a request on simply asking if anyone would be willing to allow this dream to come true.

The undreamable happened

I had amazing people gather around that post and start a comment thread asking: “Do you think a Tesla owner would be willing to rent their personal car out or is it very unlikely.”

  • 67% people said “Of course not”
  • 33% said people “Sure”

Not especially surprising the amazing part came in the comment section where over 10 Tesla owners offered their service! Some pointing me in the right direction to find a Tesla to rent. Others offering to rent their Tesla and some surprisingly offering to be the chauffeur.

One man was so adamant he went out got a top hat and white gloves messaged me and posted “I'm Ready” while another offered to drive up from california for the weekend!

When your dream becomes your reality

August 16th is still far off. Yet in this crazy storm some call wedding planning there’s a chance for this youthful dream to come true. Owners that once had a dream to own their dream car came around me, a random person on the internet with a dream to drive his fiancee to their wedding and his wife home on a dream car might have that become his reality.

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