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Why Some People Get Ford C-Max Plug-in, While Others Toyota Prius PPI

Recently I stumbled on a public discussion in a Plug in Prius Owners Group discussing a comparison between Toyota Prius and Ford C-Max. In that, Prius and C-Max owners shared their reasons on why they choose one or the other car, which I found interesting enough to share here with TorqueNews readers.

In this comparison, Toyota Prius didn't do that badly, but the Ford C-Max got a better rating, wrote Douglas Stansfield, opening the conversation.

Chris Durst
If our local ford dealership was a little more interested we might have bought one. But from what I remember it was significantly more expensive than the prius. Our plug in Prius was 30400 - 7400 rebates / tax credits. Seemed like the cmax was 37000 - tax credits at the time last year. Only other thing was that the battery pack took up a big chunk of the space behind the rear seat in weird hump. It was more comfortable and had a better infotainment system though. Wife deep down still craved a Toyota though so even is the cmax was better she still would want the prius, lol.

Pandj Be
I sat in a C-Max at the LA Auto show and I wouldn't give up my 2008 Prius Plug-in Conversion for it and any amount of money which wouldn't buy me a new Tesla! IMHO the Prius is a much more comfortable car with better headroom at the door and feels more solid, plus in regular hybrid mode still gets better gas mileage. In regular hybrid mode I get 65 -75 mpg @ 55 mph.

Douglas Stansfield
I leased the C-max Plug In hybrid Energi model and it was a better lease deal than the Prius at the time so I got it. It averages over 70 MPGs for a 58 mile each way trip so my big reason for getting it was the price and the bigger EV battery pack. I haven't had issue with the rear size as I really only use it for commuting.

If you are a Toyota Prius or a Ford C-Max owner, would you like to share how you made a decision in favor of any of these cars?

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