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What's Hot About The 2015 Kia Soul EV

Today I asked Kia Soul owners about the 2015 Soul EV: What is hot. Here is what they said.

This conversation is quoted from Kia Soul EV Facebook public group and the respondents knew their replies would be used as a quote in this story.

Richard Fox
The 2015 Kia Soul EV has more range and is better built than the Nissan LEAF. I can't get my two children in the back of an i3. The rear seats in that car are pretty useless if you are 6'3". My child seats were touching the rear of the front seats. No space for their legs. An adult can sit open legged with a knee poking to each side of the seat in front. Viable, but undignified. As I am quite tall it's effectively a two seater in my opinion. Great car in all other respects though. I've owned the LEAF and now have the KIA. had an i3 for a day too.

John M. Glennie
The range is better in the KIA, but it still does not have a large enough cargo space for my needs. I like Kia and Hyundai, but my LEAF does what I need it to do. Now, where's that TESLA model III?

Michal Cierniak
We have both an i3 and a Soul EV. I like them both for different reasons, but my daughter prefers the Soul because whenever I pick her up from something that involves physical activity (like ballet), she loves to turn on ventilated seats to cool down. :)

Jon Harvey
Armen, I have the Leaf. I honestly like the Kia. The design is that of a normal car. Just it is an EV version, instead of a completely different model. The colors are more common and people will not notice you are in an EV. If the Soul EV came out at the exact same time as the Leaf I might have chosen the Kia. My next EV will most likely be the next generation Leaf though. I could switch from my 2013 Leaf to the Kia, but why do it now, on a 2 year lease, when the next gen models will come out in 2016? So I am sticking with my Leaf for now, hoping the next gen Leaf gives at least 150 miles per full charge. I have a tall son, and 2 other kids and we tried sitting in the Kia. Kids said it was smaller in the back seat and my 6'2" son could only fit in the front meaning mom sits in the back? No thanks, he fits in my Leaf just fine though. Back or front.

John M. Glennie
How many bags of groceries can you get behind the back seats of the Soul?

Wyatt Patry
A lot! :) Probably minimum 6 Trader Joe's bags, maybe 8-9 max? It fits plenty of Costco boxes too. You could stack on top of the folding tray too, but I wouldn't.

Genevieve Marchand O'Meara
I tried the Leaf, and I don't like sitting almost on the floor and the shifter that look like a joystick for gamers. I also tried the BMW i3: nice, but I don't like the brand. I tried the Cadillac: nice again, but way to expensive. We have a Chevy Volt and we love it. It will be used as a second car as soon I receive my Soul. The Soul is great and well equipped. You don't sit on the floor and has a great autonomy.

Pachygrapsus Crassipes
This conversation just shows more to the point the huge disconnect between what is written about EVs, what the dealers say, and what the real experience is of owning an EV. It is really word of mouth that sells the EV's because the people who own EVs go WOA! This is way more fun than all that crap in the press.

Steven Ingham
The ChaDaMo quick charger makes it a practical choice along with the Leaf with the same. The BMW would require the Range extender to be as useful.

Mercedes has made a blunder in not offering Quick charging as did Ford's Focus EV. So if one wants a practical EV that can be used regionally in a State with a good quick charge infrastructure such as Oregon and Washington, you may want to look at the Leaf and Soul. The Soul's interior, cargo area shape and slightly better range might cause me to test-drive one as soon as they are available in Oregon, which is in a few weeks, I understand. I'm pretty happy with my 2015 Leaf SL however, and I own it. Not a lease. I'm thinking of putting a small extra battery in the back to extend the range 15 to 20 miles for long trips.

Jon Harvey
Genevieve Marchand O'Meara, I agree as a Leaf owner the Soul is a bit higher off the ground. Good point I missed that one. The Volt is not an EV. Sorry I am a 100% or nothing type EV person. (Editor's note: Regarding the Volt, please see The Volt: 90% EV, 10% ICE for all practical purposes.)

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