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What Happens When Ford Mustang Suddenly Gets Too Much Power

I don't know where this is, but in this unidentified video the Ford Mustang all of the sudden gets too much power and mercilessly hits Dodge Ram parked on the road side.

The video is shared by Amazing Rides on its Facebook page, which I embed here for TorqueNews readers to watch. How do you think, this can be explained?

I really feel bad for the owner of the Dodge Ram. As for the Mustang driver, I guess this is what happens when someone with no experience seats on the driver's seat of such a nice-looking Mustang. The owner of such a Ford Mustang should be at least a little more responsible and experienced. Frankly though, we don't know what happened.

Here, watch for yourself.

Damn!!!!!! Too much power

Posted by Amazing Rides on Monday, December 28, 2015

He could simply counter steer, couldn't he? Or use the break pedal. Everyone, please be careful when driving on the streets. What if there was a baby in the truck.

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