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Three Reasons I Prefer Nissan LEAF over Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV is a great looking electric vehicle with number of advantages, but why more people buy Nissan LEAF? There are number of good reasons, but here are three, shared by a LEAF owner named Lanky from CA.

He writes that he really likes the Soul and on paper he feels that it's a better car than Nissan LEAF and many respects. "But I chose the LEAF because of the following" reasons, he writes, and lists three reasons for his choice.

The first reason is the lack of nearby Kia dealers. It will take him to drive 45 minutes to get to the nearest Kia dealer that actually stocks Soul EV. This is, of course, closely related to the second and particularly the third reasons, discussed below.

Expertise and prior experience are key for decision-making. If something goes wrong with his Nissan LEAF, due to the larger install base and time in the market it will likely be something the Nissan mechanics or service departments in the dealerships have already seen or encountered before.Since Nissan LEAF has already had few generations of production, it is very likely that their mechanics already know how to quickly fix an issue should something happen with the EV.

When a new car enters the market, flaws related to it's design or technology crop up in its first or second years. This is true with electric cars as well, just like with any software. The third reason he says he chose Nissan is related to this aspect. The LEAF has undergone number of battery and other revisions including a trio of Drive Modes for all models - Normal, Eco-Mode and B-Mode - as well as new standard 17-inch alloy wheels for the SV trim level. It also includes a number of smaller fixes over the years. By now, all major bugs are already well documented and fixed. This is an important deciding factor on why people choose Nissan LEAF vs Kia Soul EV.

"The fact that I got a free L2 charger and 2 years NoChargeToCharge was also a factor in buying the LEAF," Lanky ads.

As you can see these are important deciding factors when it comes to EV buying these days, despite its own advantages that the 2015 Soul EV has. Soul EV obviously is the next big think and it's good to see other automakers getting in the game.

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All of the reasons stated are fiction. No actual facts.

Its like saying, i'm going to buy a Honda because they have a long history. SURPRISE! Takata Airbags! Recalled! Largest fine in US history!

Or saying "I'm going to buy a SONY electronic product, because they have been around longer than Samsung or Vizio.

I have a 3 year old LEAF. And after the Bulls**t they have given me, and all the lawsuits and buybacks and lemon laws and class action, I am putting Nissan in the same basket as VW, and NEVER EVER buying another Nissan. Subaru or Tesla for me.

Exactly. I came here to say this. Very unhappy with Nissan and the LEAF.
Never considering their products again after all the calls and emails I have transmitted.
I wish I could unload my LEAF, but Nissan beat me to it, with their $5000 payment for lease end customers.
Even Nissan knows the residual value of a LEAF is ZERO.

I'm a LEAF owner. Here are my reasons why I would choose the Soul EV over the LEAF:

1) Longer Range. The Soul EV has a 27kWh battery. The LEAF currently only has a 24kWh battery.

2) Better Warranty: The battery pack is the single most expensive component on the car. The Soul EV has a 10 year, 100,000 mile battery capacity warranty. That's compared to a 5 year, 60,000 mile warranty offered by Nissan for the LEAF.

3) Better Cabin Comfort and Technology. Heated and cooled seats, dual zone climate control, more advanced infotainment system- all add up to a better driving experience.

leaf is more than 10k cheaper than your kia... so please...

How do you figure? First the Kia does not have a trim compared to the S and the SV and SL are comparable to the Kia. Also I just bought a Kia Soul EV + payment was $312 with nothing down. First I went to Nissan since I already owned a Leaf. They wanted $330 a month for a S with money down. Yes the Leaf was cheaper but that does not make the lease cheaper. Kia does not have residual values set yet so you can get a much better lease deal.

Not true. To my knowledge no bugs have been fixed and the software is crap. The Leaf is probably the most bug-riddled car I've ever owned.