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Tesla Model 3 Success May Steal Massive Sales

Yesterday TorqueNews guest blogger Corey Henderson made a comment that car makers have little incentive to compete with Tesla unless it succeeds with Model 3. Here is a view by Daniel Fichana who shares an opinion on what may happen after Tesla Succeeds with Model 3. Fichana comments below from New Jersey.

If the Model 3 is successful then that means the car stole massive sales from the others. At that point- it's end game.

In order to come up with competition, the other car manufacturers would have to finance and build or get the battery companies to finance and build similar giga factories. This could take 3-5 years.

The battery companies and OEMs are greatly hesitant about doing that. GM and Fisker caused A123 to over build capacity and then did not purchase enough batteries to justify the expansion and the Nissan battery factory in the US was overbuilt and at one point the plant was going to be closed or sold due to lack of demand and outsource the batteries to LG.

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Tesla has a very good reputation so yes I do agree that the model III should sell very well. This will hurt other BEV manufacturers and some traditional ICE manufacturers. In the short term I would like to gauge the impact the Model X has on high end SUV sales and Model S sales.