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Tesla is Delivering Model S in Pairs

Now Tesla Motors is sending Model S down the road in pairs. Picture shows two truck loads of new Teslas headed to their homes.

This picture was taken by Robert Huston, and shared in the Tesla Owners and Enthusiasts Facebook group, showing how Tesla Motors now delivers Model S EVs in two truck loads. Apparently the demand is going up.

This won't stop. Years of financing and learning as well as obsession with newer technologies should yield their results. I think this is going to be even more aggressive because more and more companies speak louder about EVs being the future. In fact, see what General Motors said, in a writing, released during its annual sustainability report: "The company believes the future is electric, with billions (of dollars) of investment to support an all-in-house approach to the development and manufacturing of electrified vehicles."

It may see that the dominant color of delivered Model S in May of 2015 is white. However, the white here can be just the covering. If you take a closer look you will see that some of the other Teslas seem to have a white section on them too. The white could be a plastic covering.

While I was writing this report, Robert Huston, posted another comment, writing that he saw "another truck going southbound. They are indeed putting a protective cover on them now. Several of them had it."

Last month in April of 2015 Tesla sold 1,700 Model S vehicles.

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