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The Tacoma: the real world truck the internet cannot even stop

The best small truck when you want a real truck? It's Toyota Tacoma: an homage to your grandfather's truck?

Yesterday Yahoo! Autos Yahoo Autos called 2015 Toyota Tacoma a 10-lowest rated car and this TorqueNews Toyota reporter John Goreham called it an error. Long time Tacoma driver Patrick Gustafson sent us this comment. Here is what he wrote.

"Yet again they kick against the "clean" interior and styling as a negative. All the bells and whistles of the GM products don't improve their performance. That is where Toyota excels and why it rules the segment. Plus the clean slate interior of the Tacoma is a great canvas for the individual to personalize their truck, or not as they wish. Simply put, if you want a smooth ride with all the bells and whistles and plush interior is a truck the vehicle you are looking for?

"I think these critics should compare to the 4 runner to better match the criteria they are looking for. I can remember the old farm trucks, jeeps, broncos, scouts. Nothing fancy or soft and cuddly about them but ran forever through the mud n brush. That is what I want and that is why I have a 2004 Tacoma."

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