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Safety in Place When VW e-Golf Hits a Deer

We saw this picture on Facebook after one of the VW e-Golf drivers had shared what happened to him when his e-Golf had an accident with a deer.

Everyone were OK. After such a big hit even the airbag of the VW e-Golf was not used.

Kjetil Jystad was driving his VW e-Golf in Moelv in Norway, when a deer tried to crouch his e-Golf. I asked Kjetil if I can share this picture with TorqueNews readers. He graciously agreed. I don't have many details, except what Kjetil wrote.

"Happy to report no airbag was used. The roe deer tried to crouch I guess, went under the car. Luckily no damage to the passengers or battery pack. But the damages is estimated to approximately 50,000 Norwegian Krones (about 6,765.03 USD according to and is covered by car insurance," writes Jystad.

Looks like it was the end for the deer.

There have always been questions about the safety of electric cars. Here is one example that EVs like the VW e-Golf could handle the safety well. In fact, see how Chevy Volt handles a crash.

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