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Outside pin stripes for this Ford Mustang Yes or No?

One of the group members on Facebook shared this this image and asked if outside pin stripes are a good match for this Ford Mustang.

I love it. It's a beautiful car and the stripes looks really nice. The contrasting colors is the way to go. I have not seen stripe colors on a Ford Mustang that blend.

The contrasting color makes the wide stripes really stand out. Unfortunately the photo does not show the color well but the Gray Ghost has Apple Green pinstripes between the black rally stripes and Alloy paint and they always get positive comments about them.

Some people say dark red would look good with this stripe/paint color. Do you agree?

As I was going through the discussion of this question I saw several No answers. One argument was that the stripes are for Camaros only as the Rally package back in the 1960s. Nowadays everybody want stripes on everything. I am unconvinced with this argument, but thought would share here with our readers.

Another no argument for this arrangement was that they are better with one only large stripe. Yet another argument was that stripes take the beauty of the car and throw it away.

What are your thoughts? Yes or No to stripes. Also see these 2 new Roush Ford Mustang models for US Military only, where Roush has done more than throw few stripes on a new Mustang.

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