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The New Direction of Cadillac: Is Sport Luxury All Cadillac Should Be?

Cadillac ATS-V is a great looking car, but how do you think it will compete (I am not saying it can't, just asking) with BMW’s M3/M4 and performance machines from Audi, Mercedes and Lexus?

Patrick Flanagan comments.

The problem is Cadillac is butting into a market that's already flooded with performance luxury such as the Mercedes AMGs, BMW Ms, Audi S, Lexus F, Infiniti G, Acura - well Acura isn't really in the game so much anymore, Jaguar and others. All of these brands have established luxury sport vehicles and brand recognition.

Cadillac left a perfectly good full-on luxury market and has caused itself undue loss of brand recognition and customer dissatisfaction. The new ATS-V will perform great. Be comparable on the track. Be priced within the competitive range, if not higher that I've read from previous articles.

Cadillac can and should have its performance division, but it seriously needs to work on a full-out luxury division. I don't know if the CT6 really cuts it- too early to tell, but why name it so close to the CTS which is a mid-size sedan where the CT6 is supposedly their full-size luxury flagship? Seriously Cadillac? We are talking about serious brand confusion here. I wish I could work in the Cadillac division and get a few things changed for the better, perhaps even get a retro full-on luxury Cadillac built.

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There is no question Cadillac can compete. The thing wrong with them is their focus. In competing with the German marquee brands, they forgot to use their advantage to their advantage and that is being built here in the States. Why should the premium American brand be priced the same as the German import. Why do we have to pay a import price on something built here? This is why they are not selling as well. Only now the CTS is doing just that, selling over $10,000 cheaper than their imported competition. The ATS-V should do the same against the M 4 series and the AMG C series.