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Neither Chevy Volt Is a Modified Cruze, nor LEAF a Modified Versa

The relationship between the Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF with their "predecessors" Cruze and Versa may be complex. Some have called the LEAF a modified Versa, while others have called the Volt as a modified Cruze.

Earlier today we published one EV owner's opinion refuting this line of thought, saying comparing the LEAF to a battery-powered Versa is not giving the LEAF designers much credit. In this opinion piece, an EV owner and enthusiast Ivan Jue makes a brief comparison between Nissan LEAF and Versa as well as Chevy Volt and Cruze, writing one cannot judge the book by its cover. Here is what Jue says.

Aside from the battery degradation issue, my '11 Leaf would have been great. It was spacious for its size, refined, quiet, and reliable. That's quite good for a 1.0 effort. It is certainly no Versa. I have driven both. Masato Inoue, designer of the Leaf concept, had put his heart and soul into this car--and it shows. I am very honored to have met him.

The same can be said for the Chevy Volt. It shares the platform with the Chevy Cruze, but it is certainly not a Cruze. Nowhere close. It is such a fantastically engineered automobile, and it's truly sad that so many people have dismissed its qualities. Andrew Farah, Pam Fletcher, and many others also put their hearts and souls on this car--and it also shows.

Many people tend to judge a book by its cover--rightly or wrongly. They may have preconceived notions of GM, Nissan, Ford, etc without looking at the actual product, researching it, and driving it. I know. I have been guilty of that as well and initially dismissed the Volt. I am glad that I didn't dismiss it the second time around.

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We also have a 2011 Leaf. Like you we feel the car is great except for the battery degradation and "grabbing" brakes. Like you we dismissed the 2011 Volt because it was made by GM. We plan on shopping for a 2016 Volt as soon as they are available.