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Look What Blue Mustang My Friend Found at Target, and Look At Those Rims

A fellow Grabber Blue Mustang Registry group member Chloe Devlin shared this picture of a blue Ford Mustang toy that she found at Target. And boy, look at those rims.

"It makes sounds and burns out before going forward. Worth it," wrote Chloe in a comment. The toy is only $7.29 and is a Road Rippers play vehicle.

"I hope you didn't leave it there," wrote a group member named Chris. To this, Chloe replied saying she already had one in her cart.

I have never seen a realistic Grabber Blue Ford Mustang as a play toy. These don't really look realistic, but are made for little children. Perhaps eBay may have one. Another option may be to get one and pay Grabber Blue. But I don't know if that's possible. Haven't tried it.

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