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LEAF Owner Says Trip Computer Warrants These Improvement

We were having a discussion in one of the groups about Nissan LEAF's widespread adoption and the topic of trip planner came up. One of the LEAF drivers pointed out some of the weakness related to the Trip Computer and suggested a solution.

Here is what Robert Malcolm Kay commented regarding his Nissan LEAF's Trip Computer at the Electric Cars Facebook group.

"On the matter of planning, my view is that the trip computer on a Leaf is very basic and warrants improvement. For example the 'guessometer' doesn't take account of prevailing winds or even altitude, merely recent driving history. So when going up a big hill like Beattock summit, the apparent range falls way back, and when driving downhill with the regen, it increases hugely."

Here is what type of an improvement he would like to see coming from Nissan. "An improvement I'd love to see is a bit more route guidance: for example after setting the destination charger, the computer could suggest an average speed to reach it with say 5 miles to spare."

What type of improvements would you like to see in your Nissan LEAF's Trip Computer?

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LEAF Spy Pro already gives you much more detail about your estimated range. Except for very hilly terrain, or days when my highway/in-town driving ratio is different from the norm, I find that the trip computer does pretty well. I think the LEAF pictured in this article is older; my 2015 SL has improvements over the older models and maybe the guessometer is part of that.