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Kia Soul Fans Explain What Attracts Them About the 2015 Soul EV

What makes you want to buy or lease a Kia Soul EV? Is it because this electric car is eco-friendly, because of its uniqueness, looks or how it drives?

This was the question posted on Kia Soul EV group on Facebook yesterday, May 19. What was surprising is that even several Nissan LEAF owners preferred Soul EV despite the fact that Kia Soul EV is selling under a decimal point compared to LEAF. Here is how people responded.

All of the above and because we are the Koulests of all cools ( Kouls = K for Kia, oul for Soul and s because we want to be a lot more if possible in the near future....Lol)

All your mentions are my reason to want to buy a Kia Soul EV, but mostly, the range. The range and the fact that it look like a little truck (replacing an old Pontiac Vibe).

Not having to pay for gas! Kia Soul EV has low or no maintenance, no emissions, quick, air conditioned seats too.

I would trade our LEAF any time. The power needed for heating the floor in our smallest bathroom, could run the Soul for a year.

The Nissan LEAF has worked well enough for me for the last 2 years, but the Kia Soul EV has slightly better range (which would have made life easier several times in the past), and feels nicer than a comparably priced LEAF. And my state has an excellent tax break (that will be expiring in a month!) for buying an EV. Also, the BMW i3 isn't really suitable for my family (toddler), and I didn't want to deal with importing a Mercedes or VW from out of state.

And the iMiev and Smart ED were out of the question.

I like the EV driving experience for going in and out of busy cities. And it's better than my Nissan LEAF was in a few ways including build quality and range.

I am looking for a commute vehicle that doesn't make me deal with the rapacious oil companies. Kind of the same reason I got a hybrid. But, I live and work in Silicon Valley and have a relatively high-mileage commute. I'd like to avoid a "REX" or "plug-in hybrid" vehicle. I'd like pure electric.

Other answers of why people look to buy or lease a Kia Soul EV are look and range, not burning fossil fuel and being the "second best EV after Tesla Model S."

Are you attracted to Kia Soul EV? What in your opinion are the advantages of disadvantages of the 2015 Kia Soul EV compared to other electric cars in their comparable segment?

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The only problem with the Soul EV is nowhere available in canada!