How I Use My Nissan LEAF's Trip Computer

I never use most of the screens on my Nissan LEAF's Trip Computer. While I have gone through them, my favorite, and pretty much the only one I use, is the battery % screen. It's probably the only other useful piece of information displayed anywhere on the dash or center console. The only other one being the speed.

The instantaneous mi/kWh metric is utterly useless. A 5 second rolling average would be far better. Also, a scale of 0-8 trivializes the major difference between 4 and 5 mi/kWh.

The "To 100% Charge" is usually wildly off. 6kW and 3.3kW recharge times would be far more useful. Considering Nissan says the 120V is "emergency charging," it makes no sense to show 240V and 120V times.

The power dots are cool, but I only use my Leaf from -4 (regen) to 3 dots. This leaves the upper 10 dots completely unused. I still like them though, not much to complain about there. On the center console screen, the pie chart thing is meh. It shows the same thing as the power dots, with few and far between data points. I'm a data freak, so I think it's cool to see when I'm using 18.5kW of power instead of "about 20kW" where the closest label is.

The temperature scale is also pretty useless. "It's neither too hot nor too cold" doesn't tell me a whole lot. I'd much rather see an exact temp, much like the GOM shows miles instead of just ±15% battery charge.

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I would also suggest a readout of the exact power usage. Its easy math to figure out time driving at a power output. The meter is just an approximation. Ideally, I would like to set cruise control not at a speed, but at a power output. Ex. Set it to 10kw/h, as that would give me 2 hours driving time approximately.

Beautiful Instrumentation isn't it? I love it. After 40K miles in my 2012SL I really only use the Speedo Meter. My Titan PU on the other hand, I use the Speedo meter and watch the gas guage dramatically drop with every mile. I love the way all the LCD panels in the Leaf match. Other cars have a hodge podge of different displays that look like they were bastardized from multiple sources. Nissan did a great job. MY wifes PIP Prius on the other hand has about five different looking displays - plasma, LCD, LED, blinky lights, blinky LEDs, and even a couple of the old grey LCDs from a 1980 clock radio.

The battery bars on the left are not useless at all. The higher the bars the faster the car charges. So at a Rapid charger if you have just say 4 bars which is quite typical in winter, you will charge at around 2% per minute. But at 6 or 7 bars which is more typical in the summer or when having just done a long trip you will get 3% or more. 8 bars = happy and fast charging!