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Ford Mustang Lady Gives an Advice on How To Buy a Mustang

It is always great to see a lady who is into cars, even better when she has a passion for a Ford Mustang. Ashley Green is car enthusiast who recently upgraded to a 2005 GT and is loving her new 5 speed! She knows about cars and is well liked in the Mustang community.

"My name is Ashley B. Green I am 29 years old from a small town in NC. I am married with two boys 8 & 1. I am also a Ford lover especially the Mustang. I never played with dolls as a little girl, I played with cars. My dad was always racing mustangs and that is where my passion for them came from.

My first car was a 91 silver 5.0 with a 3 inch cowl induction hood and was an automatic. My second was a red 98 GT, I drove that car for 8 years. Then I found Bam, my automatic 02 GT and I loved that car! That one had cold air intake, off roadd x-pipe with Flowmasters and 4:10 gears. I thought I would keep this car forever, but I wanted a newer body style.

So the search began with test drive after test drive! Never thought I would find a Ford Mustang that would take Bams place but then at the right time and place I spotted a beautiful 05 silver GT 5-speed.

I said without even driving it yet, 'this is my car!' So I drove the car and fell in love instantly! The difference in the handling and riding in the 2 cars was crazy, I could not believe it! I never thought I could have this feeling about another Ford Mustang as I did for Bam. Lightning, my new car is so much more fun to drive and the 5-speed... Wow! It already has an exhaust system on it it sounds great!

Ford Mustang Owner

I do want to do some work to the engine, not sure yet but will keep everyone posted. The outside of the car is perfect the way it is and I will not change a thing about it. It also has the Hurst shifter, and I've already registered it in the SMR #6715.

So my advice is do not buy the first thing you see, take your time and the car of your dreams will fall in your lap! Might take a little while but it will happen!!"

Ashley is an inspiration to other female Ford Mustang owners. She always pays compliments to other Mustang owners and enjoys being apart of the Mustang community.

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