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The Game-over Point for LEAF if It Competes With Tesla

Nissan LEAF is at risk of loosing momentum in sales with delayed production of newer upgrade. The question is, should Nissan go for a smaller mid-grade update and stay in the niche?

Tonatiuh Medina comments below, from San Francisco.

The 200 mile range would be great, but to continue to be the leader in the EV space, time-to-market is crucial. The Leaf is going onto its 5th year with literally no major changes. I do agree that a 120 real-miles today for a similar price point would be a killer deal.

Also I agree that the dynamics of ICE might not apply to EV after all. We are OK charging every night - not so much filling up the tank that often.

Once Tesla gets a chance to deliver a $40k, it's game over for Nissan.

Again, all my conclusions are after driving the car for well over a year, with L2 at home, and favorable climate. Brand new owners might feel like they need an EV closer to their ICE car range, and might really need it.

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Yes Nissan Leaf sales have been down for the last 4 months. Maybe a hard winter played in to that. Other more reputable manufactures are entering the BEV market in a big way, like BMW and their i3. GM has announced an upcoming 200 mile BEV and Nissan better have an answer to that challenger besides cutting the price on this generation Leaf. Its my understanding that a 125ish mile battery for the current generation Leaf will be released soon. This battery is needed to keep up with the BMW i3 rex , Chevy Volt and Kia ev. And yes I agree a Tesla with 200 mile range at $35,000 with a nation wide network of free superchargers will spell trouble for Nissan and others. I don't know if dropping DCFC chargers into Nissan dealers is a tactic that will compete with Tesla's supercharger network.