5 Reputable Tuning Options To Take Your Ford F-150 Ecoboost from Mundane To Insane

There are several reputable (and some not so much) tuners that offer their products for the Ford F-150 Ecoboost tuning. The majority of tuning companies here, myself included, recommend the SCT platform. X4 or livewire is the preferred device. I have used many custom tuners and what follows are my own observations.

If you would like me to add something, please comment. As far as custom calibrators, here is a list of what is out there: (Please note, I have not included Livernois because I have no experience with their tune.)

5 Star
Known widely for their towing tunes. Performance is improved over stock. Most users feel that the way the truck behaves with this tune is the way it should have come from the factory. Known for driveability, not all out performance. They offer an optional powertrain warranty.

Unleashed Tuning
Unleashed tuning has a very responsive customer service. Torrie usually replies to you within an hour or less, even on the weekends. Initial tunes that are sent are mild. He prefers to ramp up performance while datalogging so he can see how your engine responds. This tuner focuses primarily on WOT tuning and daily driving is marginally affected. This tuner will make any adjustments to the tune that you request.

Leading Edge Tuning (LET)
This tuner alters the entire driving experience up to and including WOT. Daily drivability is vastly improved. Shift points seem to happen when they are naturally supposed to. WOT power is greatly improved. Erick also improves with revisions, but offers a more aggressive tune out of the box. This tuner will make any adjustments to the tune that you request

More Power Tuning (MPT)
This tuner also alters the complete driving experience over stock. Depending on selection of options, there are many different ways they will set you up. I chose 93 performance/race. Tip in is slightly more aggressive than stock. Shift points are vastly improved. WOT power is greatly improved over stock. Shift strategy holds gears longer to keep the engine in the power curve. I also observed the knock system was calibrated to react much faster in order to add or retard timing. This tuner will make any adjustments to the tune that you request

Southern Speed Inc (SSI)
Very aggressive tuning known for making extreme power and taking your truck to the edge of the envelope. Tip in is extremely aggressive. This tuner currently holds the record for fastest tune only ecoboost. This tuner is only for the most vigilant and brave enthusiast. Vehicle maintenance is imperative with these maximum performance calibrations. As with any performance tune, vehicles that are not impeccably maintained may experience blown motors.

Chris Corrington is ASE certified and has many years of experience in automotive maintenance and repair, including winning the Ford/AAA Auto Skills competition.

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I'd have to disagree with many of you in here, specifically the ones that can't use proper grammar, spell, etc. My reason: because if you have or are using more than one tune, you don't know any better. Jumping from tube to tube, is much worse for your engine than anything. Also, DI engines have accommodated problem that needs to be addressed. In DI, the piston only gets 65-70% fuel coverage. On regular FI, you get 90-98% fuel coverage. This lack of fuel starvation is a big deal breaker when one starts turning up the power on a DI engine, which is why there's a big market with extra fuel injector kits for DI 4 cylinder, 6 and V8 engines, primarily for those seeking more hp. Also be it known that there is no such thing as a "undetectable tune"..... All tunes, no matter where they came from, leave traces of the changes made to various parameters, despite going back to stock. They're like a small fence. And p, once you break the fence, sure you can mend that spot, but there's now obvious hints that it was once damaged. Injectors get pushed past their Oem limits, timing is changed too much, cam phases are changed, spark-ignition, etc. I'm just warning all that, if your going to risk your Powertrain warranty, I hope you have a deep bank account on stand by. Just saying. Because dealers are starting to investigate warranty claims much more ever since the Diesel community got nailed down with their huge tunes/modds from the Diesel-Gate crisis. Well, the same thing is hitting gasoline power vehicles.

Lastly, I've had many cars over the last 25 years and tunes, and not one of them got BETTER mpg's. Never. Why? More air, more spark and more FUEL, are required for more power.... Anytime there's more fuel being burned for more power, it equals less/worse mpg, not better. If anyone tells one otherwise, is bs'ing through their teeth. Nuff said.

Just wanted to chime in here. I came from MPT, and then 5 star, and UNLEASHED,. I ran the best 91 octane tune from them they would give me. 2016 F150 3.5 ecoboost. Unleashed was the best I had of the bunch, then i decided to try an SSI-1 and SSI-2 tune. The difference was night and day. EVERY other tune I had felt stock by comparison. Even UNLEASHED. Simply put, the other tuners are weak compared to SSI. if you want max power, and MPG improvements, go with SSI. I want to be clear on another point. I did not have any BAD experiences with the other tuners, nobody wronged me or damaged my engine from a tune. To each their own on the choice but If i have to choose having sampled what the whole group ( except LET ) has to offer . . . . I go with SSI any day of the year over the others. Have 16k on the F-150 with SSI and not 1 single issue. Just FYI

I’ve never ran any other tunes but ssi and never have any problems but I also keep
My truck very well maintained you gotta put out effort if you wanna run the best

As the owner of the EcoBoost 3.5 L V6 Ford F-150, I can also say that I tried a bunch of tuners, because I love off-road trips. SCT is really a good option for a purchase, BUT, I’ll say from myself that in due time, my choice fell on the Flashcal from Superchips ,because of its cheap price and good marks on the forums and review sites.