5 Reputable Tuning Options To Take Your Ford F-150 Ecoboost from Mundane To Insane

There are several reputable (and some not so much) tuners that offer their products for the Ford F-150 Ecoboost tuning. The majority of tuning companies here, myself included, recommend the SCT platform. X4 or livewire is the preferred device. I have used many custom tuners and what follows are my own observations.

If you would like me to add something, please comment. As far as custom calibrators, here is a list of what is out there: (Please note, I have not included Livernois because I have no experience with their tune.)

5 Star
Known widely for their towing tunes. Performance is improved over stock. Most users feel that the way the truck behaves with this tune is the way it should have come from the factory. Known for driveability, not all out performance. They offer an optional powertrain warranty.

Unleashed Tuning
Unleashed tuning has a very responsive customer service. Torrie usually replies to you within an hour or less, even on the weekends. Initial tunes that are sent are mild. He prefers to ramp up performance while datalogging so he can see how your engine responds. This tuner focuses primarily on WOT tuning and daily driving is marginally affected. This tuner will make any adjustments to the tune that you request.

Leading Edge Tuning (LET)
This tuner alters the entire driving experience up to and including WOT. Daily drivability is vastly improved. Shift points seem to happen when they are naturally supposed to. WOT power is greatly improved. Erick also improves with revisions, but offers a more aggressive tune out of the box. This tuner will make any adjustments to the tune that you request

More Power Tuning (MPT)
This tuner also alters the complete driving experience over stock. Depending on selection of options, there are many different ways they will set you up. I chose 93 performance/race. Tip in is slightly more aggressive than stock. Shift points are vastly improved. WOT power is greatly improved over stock. Shift strategy holds gears longer to keep the engine in the power curve. I also observed the knock system was calibrated to react much faster in order to add or retard timing. This tuner will make any adjustments to the tune that you request

Southern Speed Inc (SSI)
Very aggressive tuning known for making extreme power and taking your truck to the edge of the envelope. Tip in is extremely aggressive. This tuner currently holds the record for fastest tune only ecoboost. This tuner is only for the most vigilant and brave enthusiast. Vehicle maintenance is imperative with these maximum performance calibrations. As with any performance tune, vehicles that are not impeccably maintained may experience blown motors.

Chris Corrington is ASE certified and has many years of experience in automotive maintenance and repair, including winning the Ford/AAA Auto Skills competition.

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How does one get an ecoboost tune - where are they and how to contactt?

Livernois Motorsports, make a great tuner I have had one on my 2011 F150 and another on when I bought 2015 F150. the new tuners you take with you and they will reflash for your next ecoboost at no charge. Increased HP 100 and Torque about 90 Foot pounds I am very happy with the product you get 4 programs plus stock.

How much does he charge for a tuner?

Livernois Motorsports, make a great tuner I have had one on my 2011 F150 and another on when I bought 2015 F150. the new tuners you take with you and they will reflash for your next ecoboost at no charge. Increased HP 100 and Torque about 90 Foot pounds I am very happy with the product you get 4 programs plus stock.

Listed are five tuners. Top 4 are very reputable. All you have to do is do a quick Google search of these tuners and you will find links to them. I run unleashed so [email protected] is the direct contact to this tuner. Come join me and Chris Corrington on Ford f150 ecoboost owners Facebook page.

Contact SSI directly: 562-305-3532

I was reading your post and have to say there's a few disagreements. #1 The way you add negative slanderous crap at the end of the SSI Tune Review. Engine failures have resulted within all tuners because of the piston skirt failure that is a known failure common on the 3.5 EcoBoost.... Not the tune..#2 guess what I do for a profession... I'm a tuner I have more real world experience I understand the logistics of tuning in general. If a tune is that bad where you grenade your engine, crack your block it comes down to the owner of the vehicle and his or her ignorance. Being in the tuning game you never know who you're dealing with you never know how well or poorly the car or truck has been taken care of... #3 I have also ran Unleashed tunes and after 26 revisions my car had audible knock thank God I knew enough to recognize and let out unlike most.. or unleashed would have blown my car up no doubt. 2010 SHO. Also his tune was 6 tenths of a second slower on a colder night 65* with much better air after 26 revisions in the 1/4 mile versus the SCT x3 canned tune, Torrie gave up and blocked me via fb.. You say his Customer Service is extremely fast but what people don't understand is his 10-minute replies for a revision in the tune in no way gives him adequate time to make the right changes and adjustments therefore wastes people's time.#4 I went with Erick at LET met him in person. his tuning is very basic he likes to run a lot of timing and low boost. He's very hard to get a hold of and when I went to the track I was faster then unleashed and ran almost the same time has the Canned tune on a much cooler night once again. The canned tune was ran on a 95 degree day with a 9000 foot DA. Neither of those two could get me a faster time in much better weather conditions vs the SCT 2bar canned tune.... I went with SSI and I could not be happier. The scans are perfect the power is absolutely amazing and only on tune3 . The AWD limits that both Unleashed and LET said they could not work with SSI has and what a launch now. I just find your reviews very biased and slanderous. Nobody really knows who you are, so to sit back on here and watch you trying to post false reviews on this throne and misinformed people I find this disgusting.

Hows that transmission zach HAHAHHAHAHAHHAH

If you are a tuner by profession you must not be very good if you pay to buy someone else's tunes lol (I don't even know why you would tell people that and then say you bought another guys tune)

I've run Torries tune from unleashed for the last 25k miles with no issues. And an awesome power gain. +1 for unleashed.

I like the lies about blown engines from SSI. Dont forget to mention all the blown engines from Unleashed, LET, MPT and 5star. Oh wait dont forget to mention all the stock blown engines too. These blown engines are due maintence or faulty issues on Fords part. If you arent dont have a pair you go with the other weak tuners. If your a real man and arent contributing to the pussification of America you run a real tune from SSI.

This is a very inaccurate and biased representation of facts. Ill go further to include that the mentioned facebook group is also hate and agenda driven as well. I have 3 out of the ones mentioned above and it couldn't be further from the truth. This makes my post relevant. Its quite obvious that the OP has an ax to grind with SSi.

Shawn from SSI is an arrogant prick who acts like David Koresh with his facebook cult of followers. You praise him publicly and he's all about it. You say one word about how he hasn't got back to you in 6 months, how your vehicle is not exactly how you want it, how other companies tunes are not shit of the earth, or anything, and I mean anything about his personal business skills, and he will absolutely bury you and all his sheep will follow. He's a HORRIBLE business person. He won't delegate anything to anyone so queues to receive ANYTHING other than an initial tune purchase are ignored for YEARS on end. And I'm not kidding about that. I purchased a tune in 2016. I received it instantly and all was good. I have been trying to get him to run data logs for a methanol addition for OVER A YEAR. He wouldn't even answer a text, email, support ticket or facebook post. So I signed up for a new account with a different name and email and guess what... I got my initial tune. Then I requested data logging for meth, guess what, no answer going back 6 months now. I have all the texts and emails to prove what I'm saying. Bottom line is that the SSI4 tune I was running was slightly hotter than the MPT tune i'm running now. They both feel identical and my 0-60 times are the same. So if you're going to pick one of these companies, look for good customer support first, performance second or you'll be sitting in the dark for possibly years. MPT has given me excellent customer support. I imagine 5 star is even better considering how large they are and supported as the default tune for alot of car shows and magazines. All I know is that if you're going to deal with Shawn from SSI, you better be beta as fuck.

Myself and many others are surprised that SSi even made this list as a "reputable" dealer. Customer service is not a hit or a miss, it is non-existent.

You're right about that. I bought some tunes from him and had issues with all of them and could not get him to send revisions no matter how many times I contacted him. I used 5 star as well and had no issues with their tunes and were quick to answer any questions I had.

I've had at least one tune, along with revisions of my original tunes from everyone on this list except from 5 star. SSI by far is by far the best tune I have ever run..in terms of power, gas mileage, and everyday driveability. They not only focus on WOT, but also on tip in..mid range and top end. My gas mileage has averaged 3-6 mpg over stock along with extremely powerful torque/ horsepower gain.
Shawn Ellis in my opinion is not only the best at Tuning many different vehicles for a unique driving experience, but his customer service is top notch! This man will have you call him to discuss the tune he sends you. He prefers to converse with his customers. This is the only guy I've done business with that asks for you to call him. His customer service is not hit or miss. It's always homerun with Mr. Ellis, and I respect him for who he is...and for his outstanding, far and away Tuning work.
All I can say about the other tuners on here is that they have all been nice, and I always thought they made my mustang a more enjoyable drive. I thought they were all about the same. The first time I tried SSI tune, I was blown away at the difference Shawn made in my car. The SSI tune literally made the other tunes feel like stock compared to Shawn's tune. Ssi won my business based on Shawn's customer service and from the results of his work. Never has my car been so quick, never has it averaged more gas mileage, nor has the shifting been so smooth. All this with a damn perfect data log...first try!!!! People can bash and bad mouth all they want to try to discredit, and slander SSI and Shawn Ellis. But they will fail. True champions in any craft win by results of their work. Shawn lets his tunes do the talking for themselves...and they can back it up with many happy customers like myself. SSI Shawn Ellis..standup guy who is not afraid to set the records straight...and based on his work alone, I will always set record straight as well. I'll always have this man's back, because when I see a bunch of vomit spread through the forums by sub par tunes and tuners when compared to Shawn Ellis its simply not fair nor is it right. Shawn and his tunes will always have haters posting garbage. When your on top of your world, the little wannabe's will always try and resort to those lying bullshit tactics because their tunes can't out perform SSI's. I'll never run anybody else's tunes in any of my cars again. Ssi has my business for good!

Wish I could say the same for SSI and Shawn. I agree his customer service WAS top notch, that is, until after the sale was made, then it was like pulling teeth to get him or anyone from SSI to reply, which I'm still waiting. The SSI tunes I bought were problematic from day 1. My tunes behaved very inconsistent on my ecoboost explorer. At times it was fast AF, then the next light it was slower than slow... Then my mileage and every day drive ability continued to decline. I've reached out to SSI multiple times and Shawn and to no avail. They want nothing to do with me now that they've made the sale. They claim they respond within 2 days, yet I've been waiting since Aug. 31, 2018. Long story short, I ended up returning my vehicle to stock because I was honestly afraid to run the SSI tunes any longer before something major broke. Maybe I should have you send an inquiry for me since you've actually had good luck with them, but at this point i'm regretting that Shawn talked me out of Livernois as I should have just spent my money there from the get go...

I have been running SSi for two and a half years. I have run other tunes before going to SSi and SSi is the beat of they all and Customer service is great any time I have called he answer. So what the OP said is inaccurate and very biased.

Josh Camden- how is it non existent? Its either you are to lazy to call or discuss your tune. You either have issues and cant call for 3 months then want free shit cause your lazy. You have no experience with SSI you just like to bash. Its one of those or a combination.

I have a 5 star, and LET, and an SSi tune. The SSi tune is hands down the fastest, most driveable, and according to the logs, the safest. LET is a joke. Nearly impossible to get in touch with erick and 4 revisions later. Still slower then the canned tunes from 5star hahaha.

And whoever this josh guy is, saying that SSi customer service is non existant is a moron. I can call shawn anytime of day at all hours and he picks up and helps me out. If he doesnt pick up i either get a phone call within 10 minutes or a text message explainimg why he couldnt.

So what we have here one persons opinion backed up by zero data based upon whatever they feel they should write. First thing is who do you think you are? I know that facebook group. A bunch of hater club nonsense mostly is what it is. Shame on you and your desperate attempt to swing people in a poor direction. Shame on you. Next time try publishing something which has credible based testing criteria and not unsubstantiated remarks from a known facebook group who bans people at just a mention of SSi. I know what you have written is total crap because I have 4 out th he 5 tunes. Unleashed, MPT, 5 Star, and SSI. SSi is so far ahead of them it isn't even close. For what ever motives you have to discredit SSI that is your business. As for publishing total BS for the public, well you have been served.

I personally have ran 4 of the 5 on the list, and on more than one vehicle for 3 of them! All I can say is the reason people are worried about reliability of SSi tunes, is purely because they are THAT much faster and better all around, so they feel that he has to be doing something not safe, or on the ragged edge!! Hell, I actually really like my tunes from the others, and customer service on all were fine, if not outstanding. It just really is that much faster, better all around driving. I logged plenty, and I happen to know enough to be able to tell by my logs how safe my tunes are. The reason I emailed SSi and went that route, is because I KNEW there was much more to be had, and the other tuners continued to tell me there wasn't. Turns out I was right, and see no reason to bash anyone, but I wouldn't change anything!!

I have experience with all but 5*, I will say that LET was amazing before my 58mm turbos, after that.. I had nothing but problems with spark blow out and the tuner had no desire to fix it. Torrie at Unleashed knows his stuff, clean tunes with amazing customer service, I would recommend him to folks. MPT hasn't been logged so I can't really say much about them, I do know Mike is working with a friend of mine which has similar parts and matching turbos, I'm sure his secret sauce will make my truck scream! I am currently running SSI and have zero complaints about the tune, my truck feels responsive and very fast when I give her half throttle. Now having so much time and money invested in my truck, I do data log the crap out of it just to make sure she is running at her peak without any problems, so far no complaints.

With the comments made about blowing up motors, understand that going into the horsepower game, you will run into issues that will force you to upgrade more components to handle the added heat and boost, guys that are pooping are too ignorant that no data log is done before pushing their engines to the limits.
I really feel that my engine is as safe as it can be due to the bolt ons that are in place to help everything stay efficient and cool. Take care of your machine and she will take care of you.

Just an update and a heads up, seems like it's true about SSI, tunes are too hot and logs show knock sensors being tampered with which cause my block to grenade.. Buyer beware! I did receive a nasty enail from the owner of SSI calling me a liar after telling him that I was running his tune, I never blamed him.. I was trying to get advice, instead I get verbally abused.. BEWARE!

i own a 2015 f150 3.5 ecoboost truck and after driving a buddys 14 that was tuned i knew there was alot left on the table. so my search was on.
first i spoke with eric at LET and purchased a sct livewire from him with custom tunes wich he said were awesome. I received the tuner with preloaded tunes on it, loaded up the 93 performance tune and was extremely dissapointed. Then spoke to eric and he said thats all he had.
Next up was 5* tuning, figured since they own 3 2015 trucks and a dyno that there tune would be awesome. Loaded up the tune and immediatly was dissapointed yet again. The truck would fall on its face when pedal was mashed then take off slowly and it had flat spots in it. All of this while the spark knock was going through the roof. I spoke with mike via email he said this was normal. I told him i was not happy with the product. He hasnt responded now to 5 emails i have sent to fix the issues.
So on to the next one i went.
Unleashed tuning heard good things about torrie. purchased a 3 tune package
I ran 50 revisions with him and never felt any change through them all. Drivability was terrible boost was terrible and truck was all around like a turtle. And thats with 50 WOT revisions
So i just scrapped that now im stuck with $450 worth of useless emails that all drove horrible. The sct canned tunes drove better then these expensive custom tunes did.
I waited a month researching aroundand heard great things about ssi
I called shawn and spoke with him and was honest about my findings and told him i was very disapointed. He told me the 2015 tune was still in development, so i asked if i could help develop the new platform and make this truck drive like it was supposed to. After alot of patience and revisions we finally hit a home run. Truck was fast as hell, had awesome throttle response, mpg went up alot, and truck could smoke the tires off. I have monitored all of my logs, knock sensor, afr and boost to make sure all is safe and truck is spot on. All of this hatred on here is not even close to being true. Its actually disgusting. And ssi is holding the fastest tune only truck. If you want a perfect running truck call ssi. If you want to waste money like i did call all of the others first. dont be scared just try it and review your logs or have someone that can read them look at them. The tune is safe.

I've had SSI, 5 star, LET, Unleashed tunes and after switching to SSI mid December I've deleted all but SSI tunes in my tuner. Shawns tunes are what I was expecting out of all my other tunes, all the other tunes feel like canned tunes compared to his. I wish I went with SSI to begin with and not listened to any of the negative bashing from the other tuners.

Shawn took a few extra days to get my tunes to me but he wanted to make sure they were perfect. Some of the other tuners have your tune ready before you put in your credit card info, then you spend the next week and a half waiting for revisions to make things right. Shawn took his time and made sure everything was top notch before sending me anything, this means a lot!

If anyone asks me who I suggest for tunes I will always suggest SSI

Ssi is a joke. They should have their SCT dealer agreement revoked. Blown engines, blown transmissions, stolen money, slanderous owner. Google search Shawn Ellis before you buy. Google search his cheif cheerleader Zack Howard the "tuning guru" people wont let him tune their radio. This article is spot on except for the fact that SSI is even in a list that has the word reputable in it. SSI gives out free tunes when the going gets tough in turn for a free cheerleading session on all the ecoboost forums and Facebook pages.

This back and forth fight crap is exactly why I went with Livernois...notice they are never into bad mouthing that goes back and forth...if I was to switch it would be to go with unleashed if that matters.

I have run my super aggressive edge of the envelope ssi tune for over a year and 20k. Nothing but happy smiles coming from this guy.

Hello sir,
I just purchased a 2015 ford edge sport. I read your comment about your SSI tune. Have you done any performance modifications other then the ssi tune?

Ssi tune was so bad couldn't make it 30 ft down the road without detonation .